Monday, November 5, 2007

And, It Gets Worse

According to the NY Posts's venerable Page Six an unnamed Jets player should have been nicer to the strippers at Gossips in Melville, dubbed "the Scores of Long Island." According to their source this player is "not a good tipper, not a nice person, and smoked a funny- smelling cigarette."

While posting this feels like piling on a Jets team that is already struggling mightly, I couldn't read about a place that bills itself as "the Scores of Long Island" and just forget about it.

Any guesses as to which player this might be? And does anything sound more gross than "the Scores of Long Island"?


Adam said...

It has to be that dirtbag Ken O'Brien.

fatman said...

I bet it was Nugent,

I heard that guy gets freaky when he is out in L.I. with strippers

"...he kept screaming el ocho caliente and spitting on her, then he refused to touch her with Keyshawn Johnson's dick..."

yeah, true quote

Is it Nugent?

cause he's a dirtbag too.