Monday, November 5, 2007

And on the 8th Day, the Purple Jesus Broke Records

While most people were getting their beer and the pretzels ready for the Colts and Pats there was something amazing happening: Adrian Peterson set the single-game rushing record by running for 296 yards in the Vikings win over the San Diego Chargers. He ran for 296 yards on 30 carries (the same number of carries Jamal Lewis had when he ran for 295 and ten less than Walter Payton had when he ran for 275) while LaDainian Tomlinson watched and pouted with Phil Rivers on the sideline.

Peterson aka The Purple Jesus is really the Incredible Hulk and The Flash all built into one purple-package. He only needed eight professional games to break this record! Eight games. He already has two 200+ yard games this season. And he did this against a very good defensive team. This was not Jamal Lewis running against the 2003 Browns.

We need to enjoy every minute of his career before his ankles inevitably explode in Week 15.


Adam said...

Obviously the Chargers were dropping back coverage to prevent the Jackson/Bollinger air assault. The vikes just have too many offensive weapons to stop.

Christopher Jack Greenberg said...

I've beheld the splendor that is Brooks Bollinger when he was a Jet and I think you're on to something...