Monday, November 5, 2007

The Beautiful Game

(a recap of this weekend's key results)

Arsenal 2 - 2 Manchester United: In EPL version of the Colts/Pats tilt these two teams ended level at the Emirates in London. Arsenal's young gunners stood up to the challenge of the Pug (Rooney), the Pretty Boy (Ronaldo) and the rest of the defending champions to stay on top of the League table. Goals were scored by William Gallas (the equalizer in 90+ minutes and an own-goal in the first-half) and Fabregas for Arsenal and Ronaldo for United.

Drew University 2 - 0 Scranton University: the Rangers took home the first ever Landmark Conference title behind goalscorers Greg Zizik and Andre Callejas.

New England Revolution 1 - 0 New York Red Bulls: As if the New England domination couldn't extend any farther, their soccer team has advanced in the MLS playoffs.

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pat john and charles said...

Your knowledge of all these different sports is unparalleled to any other website... phenomenal