Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Starting Five

1) Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in last night's NFC-uperbowl and while I can't say with any certainty how Rodgers would handle himself playing high stakes poker while on a river boat it is safe to say that he did well last night quaterbacking the Packers. Of course, the Boys still rolled to victory (with a few crucial whistles taking all the drama out of the ending).

2) The Cowboys are officially the NFC Pats. TO is the NFC Moss and Romo is the NFC Brady. And just like the NFC they are not quite as good as their AFC counterpart.

3) Johan to Red Sox? So Beckett would be there 2? That is terrifying if I'm a Yankees fan. Thankfully I'm not and therfore it's not.

4) The GS Warriors are back. With their win over the Rockets last night they've brought their record to 8-7 after their 0-6 start.

5) Louisville comes back from 18 in second half to end Rutgers regular season on a sour note. Ray Rice still got his. Over 100 yards rushing and three tds.

The Bench: The Knicks have been intentionally left out of the starting five. They don't even deserve to crack the lineup on a Knicks blog.

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