Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"If he can't do it we'll have to find someone who can."

Steph is back. Isiah was forced to speak with a bit more detail about the situation. He still wants to keep everything in house, but he reiterated that Steph "is capable of leading this team playing great defense." He talked about the fact that all championship teams and players have to overcome some tough times. And, he also talked about the fact that his star point guard has to earn his place in the rotation.

We shall see. Either way Steph is back. He'll play tonight, but he won't start. He'll be joined by Zach Randolph, who has also returned to the team after taking his own leave of absense due to the death of his grandmother. Q might also play in spite of hyper-extending his elbow. Balkman is doubtful and so is Mardy Collins.

Tonight's result will go a long way towards figuring out what the story is tomorrow. Was yesterday the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning? We shall see.

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