Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm taking Reggie Miller's side

I'm sorry Pat. I'm sorry John. I'm sorry Charles. And, Spike. Oh, Spike. I'm so sorry. But Reggie Miller, that unfortunate looking washed-up former basketball player with a gargantuan and more talented sister, knows what he's talking about when he says that:

"Right now, [the Knicks] are a league-wide joke. It's sad because they are an historic and iconic franchise. But people think they are late night comedy jokes."

This quote appeared this morning in an article by Frank Isola in The News. And while it is no surprise at all to see Cheryl, err, I mean Reggie gathering attention unto himself at the expense of the Knicks, it is quite unusual for me to be in complete agreement with him. It pains me. Right in my neck. Nevertheless, this emaciated and soulless, one-dimensional jump shooter cum mediocre television analyst makes some keen observations when it comes to the Knicks:

"You always want your best player, which is Stephon Marbury, and head coach to get along. When Steph steps on the court, they've got to get on the same page. They've got to right the ship. It's disturbing. He flies home, flies back to L.A. The team votes (for him) not to play. Those are things that can destroy a team. You've got to make an example, but he plays him 40 minutes. What is that saying?"

This snippet from Isola's article offers a glimpse into the wide-open expanses of Miller's mind. It is important to remember that Reggie is well-versed in the troubles of being coached by Isiah Thomas. Our local problem was his local problem during some of his last seasons in Indiana, when he was regularly buried on the bench by Isiah during crunch time. Of course, to Zeke it made perfect sense to keep such an assassin, whose only good minute per game was likely the last one, as far away from the ball as possible during the fourth quarter. Such strategy is one of the many reasons why those Pacers never won a playoff series.

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