Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Knicks Defeat Nuggets, 119-112

Now that, my friends, is a win. A legitimate, feel-good victory over a worthy adversary. The Garden was alive. There were goose bumps and high fives, draft beers and "DEEEE-FENSE." Alright, there wasn't much defense but there was plenty of offense and just enough D when it counted.

The Nuggets have title aspirations and the horses to do it. Unfortunately for them they do not have Renaldo Balkman. His defense on Carmelo Anthony down the stretch turned the tide. More to come on this game as I get my thoughts together....

In the meantime...see what everyone else is saying: (the game is currently the lead story on their home page)
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pat john and charles said...

The problem last year and scared me in opening game this year was grinding out victories. We were dominating the cavs until the end but then blew the game in the 4th. Last night, we were actually losing going into the 4th but came back and won. FInally we have a big man that rebounds and scores with Zboe and Balkman came up changing the game with effort and all the intangible's he brings. The knicks are making a run this year.