Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans. Oh My!

Or, What The World is Saying About the Knicks

-Ian Thomsen, over at SI, wrote yesterday that things aren't nearly as bad for the NYK as it seems. He (who still admits to picking them 6th in the East) contends that their is enough talent on the roster for this team to overcome this early season skid and still vie for a playoff spot. I tend to agree. And it terrifies me. Not because I don't want to agree with Thomsen. He's a smart fellow. Rather, it terrifies me that this team is definitely capable of stringing together enough wins to keep Isiah Thomas patrolling the sideline. They've got enough talent to win some regular season games by making making a minimal amount of clutch plays. That much is certain. The team may keep Isiah around, but Isiah will hold the team back. He is not a good in-game coach and he has clearly mishandled his best player. If even half of the stories are true And, while Thomas deserves credit for his talent evaluation (i.e. drafting), he has been a disaster as a coach and as a team architect. This team deserves better. The fans deserve better. And, it seems like the team will have to lose in the short run before they can win. So, therefore it terrifies me that I agree with Thomsen.

-Frank Isola at The News marvels at Isiah's turnaround with Steph.

-The mathematically talented John Hollinger explains how the Knicks main problem is their offense and NOT their defense.

-Knicks rate 28th out of 30 teams in the latest Power Rankings over at

READ OF THE DAY: there's a great piece by Howard Beck in the NYT about the Marbury/Garnett breakup. It's both a reminder of what could have been and that Garnett's HUGE contract is what caused the '98 lockout. Great work.

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