Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday's Starting Five

(and the best from the weekend)

1) MUST-READ for Knicks fans: a great article by Frank Isola of the News, dated from Friday. It's a phenomenal and seemingly genuine appraisal of how far the Knicks have fallen from the days of Ewing, Grunfeld and Checketts. It's two parts nostalgia and seventeen parts anger.

2) Should he stay? Or should he go? Now. The Post says Isiah isn't going to be fired while The News says he might be. With an off-day today the next few hours should decide who will be on the sideline for tomorrow night's game. And, if the Knicks get shellacked by the Warriors then what better reason to give thanks on Thursday than a new coach and a new general manager? Perhaps Jerry West and Herb Williams...

3) Garnett shocks press by admitting that "We're not perfect," after the apparently fallible C's lose for the first time at the hands of the Orlando Magic.

4) Mets give 32-year old, second baseman Luis Castillo 4 years in new deal: After losing Yorvit Torrealba in ways that I have yet to actually decipher and hearing that Glavine was signing with the Braves for a song, this relatively long-term pact with Castillo smacks of panic. And while Castillo was one of the only Mets (along with Wright and Alou) who could find his way around the bases in September it seems like four years is a stretch. He is 32 and is having knee surgery this offseason. He might not be playing in 4 years. In spite of all that, if the net result of this weekend is that we'll have a three-time Gold Glove winner at second and Castro crouching behind the plate on Opening Day then I am very happy. I always wanted Castillo back (just at a better price) and most every Mets fan has wanted Castro to get his shot for a while now. The guy hit a home run last year every 13.09 at bats, seventh best in the Majors. He was eighth best in RBI per plate apperances as well.

5) And, by the power of Curtis Martin, the Jets win a game. Against the Steelers. Who are very good. Or at least were supposed to be. In the "every silver-lining has a cloud" department, the Steelers were the team that I was hoping would be able to knock off the Pats in the playoffs. But now I'm not so sure. EIther way, it was such a relief to see the Jets playing well over the course of an entire game. Finally. They ran the ball better than they have any time this season. Thomas Jones looked every bit the player he was last year for the Bears en route to becoming the first RB to roll up 100+ yards on the Steelers since Edge did it in 2005. Young Kellen looked shaky at times and his unecessary spike (we would have had forty seconds to run 3 plays into the endzone) could easily have cost us the game. But they won and that is the most important stat for any QB. Just as Chad. I think we need to get Curtis on the sideline (he can hang out with his ol' buddies Chad and Laveranues) for the rest of the year if this is how his former teammates will respond.

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