Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday's Starting Five

1) Pats ALMOST lose to Eagles. Dewey holds late lead over Truman. Now that would have been a great way to end a long weekend. However, the run at 16 continues at full speed in New England. While a QB controversy could be brewing in Philadelphia.

2) Back together again: England and Croatia matched up in the same qualification group for the 2010 World Cup just a fortnight* after Croatia dumped the English out of the running for the Euro 2008 Tournament and oft-injured but still famous England striker Michael Owen remarks that not a single Croatian player would even earn a spot in the English lineup. They said the same thing about George Washington.

3) I skip the game and they win. The Knicks won for the first time on Saturday, when I wasn't present. Yes, it feels like a betrayal. Yes, I have mixed emotions about all victories that prolong Isiah's stay. They scratched out a win against the free-falling Chicago Bulls. The team's three wins are against Minny, Chicago and Denver. That's one legitimate win and then two eeked out W's over two of the only teams who may be worse than the Knicks. Up next, the Utah Jazz.

4) Eli just got picked off trying to pass the leftover sweet potatoes. That performance was really bad. Vinny in Tampa bad. Gary Myers offers a pretty good breakdown of the historically bad outing in today's NEWS.

5) Mizzou wins Border War. In Kansas City. Which is in Missouri. It's easy to see why this one gets heated. The Tigers jump up to No. 1 in the BCS standings. West Virginia is the new No. 2 and provided both win next week (v. Oklahoma and v. Pitt respectively) then they will meet for the NC. Oh, and Pat White should win the Heisman Trophy. He is awesome. And, is leading his team, below-the-radar, to a national championship. By the by.

*It wasn't really a fortnight but when writing anything about the English I prefer to use this term for any and all lengths of time.

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