Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pre-Gaming: Knicks vs. Warriors

Some Facts and Thoughts Before I Head over to MSG

  • Marbury is starting: somehow I feel like Isiah is starting him in hopes that most of the booing during the team introductions will go Steph's way rather than his. Or, maybe it's about basketball. I couldn't tell you. With Marbury starting how will Mardy be deployed. He was not seeing any time before the road trip. Does Isiah see him as a contributor or merely a means of punishing one of his other players?

  • Marbury vs. Baron Davis: In spite of it all, this is a matchup that I would pay to see. In fact, I did. Both have had their ups and downs with the public. Guess who is up and who is down right now?

  • The Rotation: Isiah needs to find the new normal with the rotation. He had a short bench when the team looked good, but the wheels have entirely come off over the past week. In other words, Fred Jones needs to stay put on the bench.

  • Will Dolan be at the game? Will Isiah be fired if the Knicks lose? Will the team tank the game hoping that's the case?

  • Stephen Jackson, Don Nelson and the rest of the Warriors will also be there tonight. I'm pretty psyched to see this team. I was pulling for them during the playoffs last year and will root for them throughout this season. Except for tonight.

  • Does watching Andris Biedrins shoot free-throws lead to blindness?

  • Will my girlfriend, who hails from the Bay Area, be wearing her We Believe t-shirt or her Knicks hat? Or both? I don't know. Will we get into a fight about it? Entirely possible.

  • And the role of Daniel Gibson will be played by...Monta Ellis.

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