Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rorvit Castrealba

The Mets have apparently agreed to a deal with free agent catcher Yorvit Torrealba, formerly of the NL champion Rockies of Colorado. According to the deal with would be worth $14.4 million over three years. The plan is for Castro to remain the backup but for him to play more than he did last year while Lo Duca was the starter.

Last year Paulie was making $6.25 million and Castro was making $850,000. And, Jorge Posada-who is 36 years and will never hit for the same average he did last year-just inked a four-year pact for $52 million Yikes.

I like being younger and cheaper than we were last year at this position. Paul was a double-play machine during the September tailspin but his veteran stature kept Castro on the bench. Now, we can pair up Castro with a member of the rotation and make sure that he plays at least once a week aside from the day game after night game duty that he was relegated to last season. I've always wanted to see if he could keep up those power numbers with more ABs.

Additional Reading: There was a great piece on Mets Blog yesterday in which Troy Renck from Denver Post gives a full run-down on Torrealba. He does sounds a lot like a younger, cheaper Lo Duca. And, he speaks Spanish.

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