Wednesday, November 21, 2007

With Arenas Out are Wiz desperate enough to...

Trade for Marbury?

It was announced late this afternoon that all-world guard and uber-weirdo Gilbert Arenas underwent knee surgery to repair a torn left meniscus. He tore the same meniscus last April and surgery on the same knee. He'll be out approximately three months. That's until like until the end of February at the earliest.

Ouch. I'm very disappointed as a basketball fan and as someone who bought tickets to Knicks vs. Wiz on January 15th. Gilbert is easily one of the five best attractions in the Association. On the court he is a vision of strength and speed. He seems to tower over certain players while flitting peskily around others. He is one of a kind. Off the court he cheats at video games lives in a vacuum sealed house kept at Colorado-like altitudes somewhere in the DC metro area and is just an all-around spaceman.

More importantly to Wiz fans and players he was the meal-ticket. They're screwed. Probably. They've got a lot of games to play before he gets back. Seasons are decided in a time frame like that. Windows open and close. Of course, the East is not very deep so everyone is still alive. Even the Knicks.

And, as a Knicks fan I can't help but get my gears working about what this could mean for us. Our team is desperate. I am desperate. Misery loves company and now we've got some. The Wiz are newly desperate. So, I say, let's play nice. Let's share. Let's trade.

Perhaps they would want to take on Stephon Marbury, who comes with baggage but who is also perhaps the ideal stop-gap until Arenas comes back. He is a scoring point guard who needs a new home and good be had for a lesser talent. And, looking at the numbers the Wiz have the expiring contract of Antawn Jamison as a trading chip. I checked with the ESPN Trade Machine (which I am severely addicted to) and a one-for-one swap of these two works out without even having to include spare parts.

It would give the Wiz a slightly unsavory but highly viable way of keeping afloat until Gilbert is back and then a third option (after Gil and Caron) if they could make it to the postseason. On the other side, it rids the Knicks of one of their myriad distractions. It also helps the fiscal nightmare that is the Knicks payroll. Of course, they're still on the hook for one jillion dollars to seventeen other players and announcers and carnies but actually acquiring an expiring contract rather than shipping one out would be a start.

Let's see.

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