Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yo Zeke

Um, Isiah. Mr. Thomas. Excuse me, but all of your statements on Marbury's departure from the team are ridiculous and useless. Wanting this to be an in-house matter cannot actually make it an in-house matter. As soon as your star point-guard started exchanging text messages with reporters at the New York Post about this whole boondoggle yesterday afternoon this stopped being in-house. Well, it actually stopped being in-house the moment that the only player on your roster to appear in an All-Star effectively ran away from home. When he left the house so did this story. People are aware what is happening and you have to deal with it. Now, I can understand why you may have wanted to keep a massive problem like this under wraps. However, that plan didn't work. And, you're only making matters worse by letting everyone speculate wildly about the outcome. OK? OK.

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