Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your Local Listings

[I've created a sort of TV guide in an attempt to keep the burgeoning readership of What Would Oakley Do? informed about the latest developments and to create some sort of plan for myself. So far I like doing the Starting Five each and every morning. Like a well Irished coffee, it gets us all going first thing.]

The Listings

Daily Knicks Fix: Pre-Game, Post-Game and the occassional In-Game commentary on each and every contest. The Knickerbockers will always be the focus in this space and the glue that holds the rest of this together. But man cannot live on Knicks alone (trust me, I've tried) so they'll be some diversity. It's what Oakley would want.

AM:Starting Five/ Monday Morning General Manager/Lupicas, Thomsens and Bermans. Oh My!
PM: The Attic (new feature debuting this coming Monday)/ Around the Internets*

AM: Starting Five /The Better Half / Lupicas, Thomsens and Bermans. Oh My!
PM: College Footbal & Baksetball/ Around the Internets*

AM: Starting Five / Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans. Oh My!
PM: Fantasy Atlantic, The Beautiful Game, Around the Internets*

AM: Starting Five / Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans. Oh My!
PM: What If...(new feature debuting tomorrow), MLB Hot Stove, Around the Internets*

AM: Starting Five / Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans. Oh My!
PM:You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? (new feature that willl be debuting this Friday), Around the Internets*

Knicks posts and anything else that catches my attention will be posted in a haphazard way without any concern for the time of the day.

So, it seems like all that is missing is Hockey. Well, my apologies go out to Brian Marker. He is the Hockey fan that I know. Please pass along my apologies to the one (and only) Hockey fan that you may
(or may not) have in your lives.

*Please send links if you come across anything while wasting time at work.

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