Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11,500,000 more reasons to fire Isiah Thomas

According to the NY Times (and then everyone else), Madison Square Garden settled with Anucha Browne Sanders and ended all appeals. The Garden agreed to pay Sanders $11.5 million which is $100,000 less than what she had been awarded in the original sexual harassment trial. I guess MSG sees that savings as a moral victory. I guess. If you describe moral victory as tacit admission of guilt and forfeiture of massive amounts of capitol that could otherwise be reinvested in your organization.

Of course, Isiah was defiant and maintained his innocence when asked about all this after the Knicks loss to the Mavs. In spite of such hilarity, my favorite part of the latest chapter in this cautionary tale is that the Garden decided to settle "at the strong request" of David Stern.

Perhaps with the appeals no longer pending Dolan and his cronies will fire Thomas. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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