Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Vote of No Confidence

"I think Eddy is the type of player that, you know, who once he gets his offensive flow and his offensive rhythm, you know, everything else, know, kind of comes around for him and, you know, there's certain things that, you know, he probably ever won't be good at doing and, know, we just want to make sure the he keeps doing the things that he knows how to do well and, uh, make sure that he continues to do them well."
-Isiah Thomas on Eddy Curry

Before the game Isiah, for the first time that I've seen or heard about, addressed the extremely poor play of Eddy Curry. Or, "The Centerpiece" as he is touted in all the team's promotional material. Such frank discussion about Curry's deficiencies is as refreshing as that first blast of winter air on Seventh Avenue after being cooped up in the 400 level of the Garden during another home loss. Such honesty from someone who never is fortright is also a sure sign of how far out of favor the big man has fallen. Not too long ago Curry was the player around which this franchise was going to be built and know he is a guy who, according to Isiah, probably won't ever be able to play defense. He is at best a one-dimensional player who currently is struggling with his only strength.

The ironies and contradictions that this quote is pregnant with are enough to develop psychology syllabi around. Is this Isiah the coach blaming Isiah the GM for thinking Curry could be turned into a well-rounded player? Is this Isiah the coach endorsing Nature over Nurture? Curry is what he is and that is what he will always be. If so, why was he willing to bench Steph for not being something other than what he has always been while he seems accepting about such flaws when it comes to Curry? Either way, Curry is struggling so mightily that even the most obfuscating coach this side of Foxboro has been forced to admit it.

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