Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Free Tickets and Restricted Free Agents

Things have gotten so bad at IZOD Center that the Nets are actually giving away free tickets to next week's game against the Clippers. I got an email from Ticketmaster.com about an hour go offering free tickets. I took two. I might go. I might not. And, only Jason Kidd will miss me.

NBA beat writer: Why do the Nets play better on the road?

Jason Kidd: "Maybe more people in the seats."

According to the listings on ESPN.com the Nets are 22nd in attendance in the NBA. And, now they are literally giving away tickets.

The Knicks are 7th and only about 3,000 tickets from the top of the heap.

Meanwhile, Brazilian long-hair, Anderson Varejao has signed a three-year offer sheet with the Bobcats worth about 17.4 million dollars. The 6-10 power forward will now wait it out and see if Cleveland excercises their right to match the deal. This seems like an early make-or-break moment for LeBron's future in that town.

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