Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday's Starting Five

1) Allen Iverson. Yeah, he is the Answer. He scored 35 points had 12 assists and 6 steals as the Nuggets beat down the Mavs.

2) Lute Olsen. The father of the hoopcats is extending his leave absence for the entire season. He is still remaining mum on the reasons. Some people respect this. Others get angry. If you like, you can watch them argue this on television.

3) Todd Collins. Perennial backup comes in for knee-capped Campbell and leads Skins over Bears. Collins hadn't scored a touchdown since nineteen ought twelve and hadn't tossed a pass in the NFL in three years. And, he was still good enough to beat Rex Grossman.

4) Greg Schiano. The Rutgers head coach is being interviewed for the Michigan job. It is both a good thing and a bad thing that Michigan wants to take Schiano out of Piscataway. It becomes a great thing if he turns them down like he did with Miami last year. Potentially losing their coach and Ray Rice at the same time could land Rutgers back where they came from. Real quick.

5) The SEC. Tebow (Florida), McFadden (Arkansas) and Dorsey (LSU) take home nearly every major College Football Award at last night's awards-giving-out fiesta.

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