Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday's Starting Five

1) Mario Williams. He is number one in the Starting Five. He was number one on draft day. And apparently he deserves it. He was dominant last night as his Texans beat the Donkeys on NFL network. Williams has 3.5 sacks last night and looks like he is on his way to the Pro Bowl. Meanwhile, the sky is falling on Reggie Bush and it feels like Vince Young has thrown one and a half touchdown passes since Halloween.

2) Frank Thomas. Apparently Thomas was one of the only players who voluntarily cooperated with Mitchell during his investigation. Thomas willingly cooperated and came out smelling like a daisy. If you throw out a few injury plagued seasons, a seemingly clean Frank Thomas might emerge as the best power hitter of his generation. I'm OK with that. Maybe it'll make those rookie cards that I was hording go up a few bucks.

3) Tony Taylor. Who? The first gent to plead guilty in the Vick dogfighting case. He was sentenced to just two months in prison for his role. The other two, non NFL, guys charged received 18 and 21 months respectively.

4) Kobe Bryant. The Lakers beat the Spurs last night. Kobe put up 30 and he is allegedly happy in Los Angeles. All I take that to mean is that he'll still be there when they come to NYC next Sunday.

5) TJ Ford. Thankfully the Raptors guard is OK after getting knocked down very, very hard by Al Horford of the Hawks. After being released from the hospital and flying home to Toronto I hope that someone is having a long talk with him about his future. Not as a ballplayer but as an upright, walking around guy. Ford was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the openings of the vertebra the spinal cord runs through, in 2001. That sounds pretty serious. I'm just saying.

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