Monday, December 3, 2007

Grant Hill Parties Like It's 1995

Knicks fizzle in Fourth, Fall to Suns

It was a one-point game at the end of three quarters. The Knicks had rallied after letting up 37 points in the first quarter. We had a ballgame on our hands. The crowd was into it. The "Fire Isiah" had been staved off. We had a game on our hands and we knew it. Until Grant Hill rolled off nine straight points to open up the fourth quarter. The Knicks never recovered.

Grant Hill put up nine straight, LAST NIGHT. He ended with 28 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. LAST NIGHT. And, he didn't do this in the over-40 league down at the Y. He did it at the Garden. This guy has had, I think, thirty-nine ankle surgeries and, little known fact, is actually the person for whom Tommy John surgery was first performed. Tommy was just his favorite ballplayer when Hill was growing up in sixties so he named it after him.

Meanwhile, Steve Nash was quietly brilliant. He can really get himself and the ball to any spot on the court that he chooses. He doesn't seem particularly faster than everyone (like Iverson) or stronger (like Baron Davis) but he clearly knows or has something that no one else does. If he wants to get to the hoop he can turn the corner on the baseline and swing past any defender with ease and if he just wants to get the ball into the paint to Amare (who is built like the progeny of Charles Oakley and a gazelle) then he throws some seemingly impossible bounce-pass. His understanding of angles is preternatural.

Obviously, the main story coming out of this game is the tragic death of Don Marbury, who was in attendance. That will affect this team longer and more profoundly than the L.

Still, I'll post some more post-game, basketball-related thoughts on this game later today because that's what we do here.

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