Monday, December 3, 2007

"His Finger Tips Maintained Contact With The Ball"--Jaws, justifying the Gaffney TD

Anyone with eyes, a brain and no money on this game knows that the Patriots were gifted this victory by the officials. Gaffney never caught that last ball, in spite of Jaws' protestations about the finger tips. Both Kornheiser and Torico and, oh, everyone else at a home not within 100 miles of Worcester, MA knows that he never had possession of the ball and both feet in bounds. Of course, this bogus call, held up in a bogus review, came shortly on the heels of a ridiculously ticky-tacky illegal contact call to prolong the drive.

With so much on the line it is a sham that the referees had to decide that game. The undefeated season is the ONLY hallowed single-season team mark in the NFL. It deserves to be treated with such respect rather than something that officials just want to be a part of.

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