Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chatting Up the Knicks

(Knicks-related excerpts from this afternoon's chat over at the Worldwide Leader with NBA columnist and stat-whiz John Hollinger)

Laird (NYC): What is keeping the Knicks from being the worst team in the NBA?

John Hollinger: (3:10 PM ET ) Kevin McHale.

* * * *

Laird (NYC): If you were the new GM of the Knicks, would you keep any pieces currently on the team? I think other than David Lee and Renaldo Balkman, get rid of them all!

John Hollinger: (3:23 PM ET ) I might be tempted to keep Zach Randolph, if I could put the right players around him. And I'd hang on to Wilson Chandler and Randolph Morris. But otherwise, hard to argue with that strategy.

* * * *

Jason (Santa Monica, CA): Suppose the Knicks were willing to part with Randolph, Curry, Crawford, Richardson and Jeffries and they wanted nothing back except expiring contracts. Are there any other teams willing to pay these guys even if acquiring them costs literally nothing?

John Hollinger: (3:29 PM ET ) I doubt it. Maybe on Crawford or Randolph, but no way on the other guys -- Curry and Richardson don't have insurable contracts, which makes them radioactive for a lot of the league's teams, Jeffries is grossly overpaid for what he provides, and Zach makes too much and has a questionable attitude.

* * * *

Anthony (Toronto): Is Jason Kapono the most one-dimensional player in the league?

John Hollinger: (4:04 PM ET ) I actually think Eddy Curry has him beat. At least Kapono can handle and pass pretty well. Curry can score on the block. That's it. There's no other area where he's even mediocre.

* * * *

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