Monday, December 10, 2007

Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans. Oh My!

(What the Pros are writing about the Knicks today)

-Andrew Marchand reports on (and presumably on 1050 ESPN Radio in NYC) that Stephon is not going to play tonight. I was shocked that he played this weekend and totally endorse him sitting out as long as he needs to deal with the death of his father. The circumstances surround his death were awful. And, unlike most athletes who can use the court/field as a refuge, Marbury is constantly reminded of his father's death during home games because his father died at a home game. Work can't be an escape if every trip down the court brings you past the center-court seats that his parents were occupying last Sunday night. In a related note, I was happy to see that fans cheered Marbury when he was introduced on Saturday night. There was not even a trace of booing to be heard from my seat. There were no ovations or effusive chants but it seems like he at least got back to a baseline of acceptance. I hope so.

-Marc Berman at the Post is reporting that Malik Rose wants to be listed as inactive on gamedays if he doesn't figure into the rotation. This would allow him to engage in a full-on workout each and every day so that he can be in shape if is to be traded or to find himself thrust into duty because of injury. Rose is still due a fair amount of money so he would probably only be dealt in a deal with one of the younger and more desirable players on the roster. Hmm....

-Knicks are still 3rd from bottom on the ESPN and SI power rankings for this week. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that we're not last. Minnesota holds that distinction.

-Forbes Magazine ranks the Knicks as the most valuable NBA franchise. Let's give Jimmy Dolan another couple years and I bet he can drop us down a bit.

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