Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday's Starting Five

BCS Selection Edition

1) Ohio State. Jeez. The Knicks have more quality wins than these guys. With two. The Ohio State University only PLAYED two teams all season long that even finished in the AP Top 25. They lost to #13 Illinois and they beat #18 Wisconsin. They played ZERO other teams who finished in the Top 25. You know who else boasts only one win over a Top 25 team? Undefeated Hawaii.

2) Missouri. So, Virginia Tech can't leapfrog LSU because LSU beat VT? But Kansas leapfrogs Mizzou even though Mizzou beat Kansas (and lost in the Conference Championship game that Kansas didn't make). I know that Kansas is a better story and Mangino's sweatpants are a work of engineering the likes of which we've never seen but doesn't everyone remember that the Missouri Tigers are a flat-out better team?

3) LSU. Maybe if LSU loses to Ohio State the selection gurus and rankings voters will spontaneously create some sort of inverse playoff system to give this team their eighth chance to win the National Title.

4) West Virginia. Those guys. Oh, man. This program has only lost five times in the last three years, including bowl games. They were the most overlooked top-flight team of the decade. And, here was their chance to win the National Title. And, they shit the bed against Pitt. Pitt? From Pittsburgh? Biggest collapse of the year. Worse than Appalachian State. Worse than Stanford.

5) Notre Dame. Thank you for not smoking. Television viewers across the country won't be forced to watch another overmatched ND team in a BCS bowl this season.

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