Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday's Starting Five

1) Tim Tebow. The sophomore sensation from Florida won the Heisman on Saturday night. He's responsible for over 50 touchdowns so far this season with 20+ each on the ground and through the air. He is 20 years old, a beast of football player, the son of a clergyman (just like the two other Florida QBs who have won the Heisman, Spurrier and Wuerffel) and very, very religious. If Jon Kitna was not above jealousy then he would be feeling it now since JC is clearly doing his rooting on Saturday rather than Sunday. Which, I guess, makes sense.

2) Pretty Boy Floyd/Boxing. Split decision. The Pretty One is 39-0. I was walking to the subway after a few post-Knicks game drinks on Saturday night (an absolute necessity) and there was a huge crowd gathered outside of the bar across the street. About two dozen folks were standing in the cold to watch the fight through the front window. It's been a while since that has probably happened in midtown and I think it is a good sign for boxing.

3) Randy Moss, Jabar Gaffney and anyone else who got matched up against Anthony Smith. Seemingly every big-play the Pats made came right over the outstretched arm of the mouthy second-year safety. Even if the "guarantee" was taken largely out of context he still got torched.

4) Armanti Edwards. The QB from Appalachian State rushed for 313 yards and four touchdowns AND tossed for three more touchdowns as he lead his squad to the finals of whatever we're calling Div. 1-AA these days.

5) Owners of the #1 draft pick in their fantasy football league (this includes me): Finally LT shows up with a huge game when you, hopefully, needed it most.

Benched: Mike Vick. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison. That's a long while.

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