Monday, December 10, 2007

Pre-Gaming: Knicks vs. Mavs

That was quick.

We're about a month into the season and I'm already out of people to attend games with. I actually cannot give away a Knicks ticket to girlfriend, friend or family member.

But, I'm going. I think. Alone, most likely. I'll swing by on the way home from work, spend a few minutes in a ten dolllar seat and see what happens. Maybe the Knicks will show up and make me glad that I am pathologically interested in what they do. Maybe Dirk Nowitzki will perform some feat of agility and athleticism that will amaze me enough to soften my views on the Germanic peoples. Or maybe the Knicks will allow the Mavs to put up 37 or more (which has happened on at least two occassions) in the first quarer. allowing me to go home early.

In fact, if the Mavs put up 37 in the first then I will definitely be heading home after one. Well, unless the score is 37-37. Then I'll probably hang around for a bit longer. Like until halftime, when the score would likely be 43-74. At that point, I would depart to catch the Monday Night Football game upon which every fantasy league depends: Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints.

Other reasons why I will leave the game after one quarter:
1) The Knicks are down by a dozen.
2) Eddy Curry has zero rebounds.
3) Zach Randolph has zero rebounds.
4) Erick Dampier has ten or more points because neither Zach nor Eddy can stop him.
5) Fred Jones has more turnovers than assists.
6) Jamal Crawford has more turnovers than made field goals.

If any (or all) of these things happen I'd be out early enough that my whole night isn't shot and I can be home just in case the Knicks were to stage some sort of comeback.

And, the game:

The Mavs have won 10 of their last 11 against the Knicks. And it took overtime last year to scratch out that lone win. Still, the Mavs have struggled on the road so far this season (4-6), so there is some reason to think that our bizarro home-court advantage will throw them off. I don't think teams are prepared for the hostility in our building. Yes, most of that hostility is directed at Jimmy Dolan and Coach Thomas but I think it is unnerving for everyone down on the floor. In any case, it will take some extra-ordinary (in other words, not ordinary) play by some person or persons in this game for the Knicks to win. The Mavs have the reigning NBA MVP and Dirk might only be the second best player on this team right now. Josh Howard put up 47 over the weekend and that's not a fluke. The guy is very good. And so are his teammates. They have to play poorly (by their standards) and the Knicks have to play to their potential and not to their record for this to work out in our favor.

And, for your pre-game viewing pleasure:

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