Monday, December 17, 2007

Pre-Gaming: Knicks vs. Pacers

Remember when this was one of the hottest tickets in town? Knicks versus Pacers! The NBA on NBC! Remember when? Now, the team is sending out emails letting everyone know that tickets can be had for the low price of ten bucks (password: PACERS).

This was arguably the truest rivalry of 1990s Knicks teams since it actually saw both teams emerge victorious at various points. After all, MJ's Bulls beat the Knicks and the Knicks beat Riley's Heat. Meanwhile Reggie just slayed the Knicks a few times even though the Blue and Orange came out on top most of the time.

Tonight's biggest storyline is the return of Stephon Marbury. How does he look? Is he ready? I hope he gets a warm welcome from the crowd tonight. I'll be doing my part. Other than that, keep on eye on Curry. Can he put together back-to-back good games?

Meanwhile, the Pacers are a .500 team thus far who can't win two in a row. All-Star PF Jermaine O'Neal is still top-flight but PG Tinsley was recently involved in a shooting that has assuredly put the team under a microscope in Indy. They won their last game and are 1-9 on the road so I hope they stay true to previous form tonight.

Knicks Versus Pacers

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