Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday's Starting Five

1) Allen Iverson scored a season-high 51 last night against the Lakers but Kobe scored when it mattered and the Lakers won. At one point in the third quarter, I think, Iverson was 17 for 20 from the field. Meanwhile, Marcus Camby had 20 rebounds to go with zero points. Between 'Melo and Iverson there aren't really too many extra shots to go around.

2) Texas Tech. Bobby's boy went on a 42 to 1 run to out-tech Louisiana Tech. So, I guess the Knicks and the kids from La. Tech should probably form some sort of support group. They can do trust falls and talk about those recurring dreams when they are down by one hundred million points in a public place.

3) Andruw Jones. The expanding center fielder inked a two-year deal with the Dodgers worth over $36 million. And, another Mets nemesis has packed up and moved out of the division...

4) Todd Bertuzzi. Sort of. Apparently there are television networks in Canada. One of them reported that Todd Bertuzzi's brutal 2004 hit on Steve Moore (who ended up with a broken neck and a concussion) was actually ordered by Bertuzzi's coach at the time. This wasn't mentioned until now? Even when Bertuzzi was sitting at home during his 17-month suspension?

5) Nominees for the Offensive Player of the Year, Preferably on a BCS Team Award were announced last night. Tim Tebow comes to New York City for the first time in his life, covered in Bible pages and soaked in holy water and forearm sweat. Once here, he'll probably get a nice steak dinner with Chase Daniels and Darren McFadden. Colt Brennan will eat alone.

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