Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday's Starting Five

1) David Dombrowski. The GM for the Detroit Tigers just threw down the gauntlet in the American League. It’s on. And, it won’t be a two-horse race. Or it might be but one of those horses will be a Tiger. The Tigers and Marlins have agreed to an 8-player deal that sends Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Motown while Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Mike Rabelo and Minor Leaguers Dallas Trahern, Eulogio De La Cruz and Burke Badenhop all head to Miami.

2) Travis Henry won his appeal against the NFL. The second-hand pot smoke excuse worked? Either way, the running back will not be suspended. Unanimous surprise seems to be the reaction amongst the football press. Unanimous disappoint seems to be the reaction amongst Selvin Young fantasy league managers. I am included in the latter.

3) Freshman run wild at the Garden last night. Beasley from K State puts on a show in the warm-up and then Mayo and USC fall to Memphis and Rose in OT in the nightcap. Beasley was the most impressive, Mayo shined and Rose quietly lead his team to a big out of conference win.

4) Suns supernova all of over Pacers. Hard. In their faces. Indy gave up 38 points in the first quarter and then played the Suns almost even the rest of the way. But Amare scored 42 and his team was too strong down the stretch.

5) Jews. It’s the first day of Hanukkah. Last night was the first night. I think. It always takes a few days for me to be certain. But that works just fine because this celebration lasts for eight days. You see, ‘round about 2,207 years ago Jewish rebels took back the Temple in Jerusalem from the Syrian King whose forces had occupied the city. Led by Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, the Hebrews won back their city and immediately set about cleaning it up for decent folk to live in (yes, that is a cheap shot at the peoples of the Seleucid Empire). Much to the dismay of the returning priests of the Temple there was not enough oil to keep the biggest and most important candle in the Temple burning all night long. This was a big deal back then. For God and for seeing at night. Candles were way important. Yet somehow the small amount of oil that was found burned for eight days and eight nights, just enough time to find more oil. Fresh from battle and vainly hoping to hold on to the most contested spot in all of the World it would seem that eight nights without darkness is quite a miracle indeed. And, in an appetizing turn of events this miracle of long-burning oil has lead to a miracle of frying oil, with foods fried in oil becoming staples of Hanukkah celebrations. Donuts or any other type of fried dough and latkes (pan-fried potato pancakes) are two of the most popular treats but I wouldn’t be totally shocked if a snickers bar or two made it into my deep fryer this weekend. And, who said fighting in the Middle East never gave you anything?

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