Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday's Starting Five

1. Bill Parcells. The Tuna has been offered a high-level gig (VP of football operations) with the Atlanta Falcons. At first it seems an odd fit, mostly because I can't imagine Parcells in SEC country. But, for a guy who is notoriously unable to stay away from the game this could make sense. Roger Goodel has probably called seventeen times begging him to take the job, whatever it is exactly. With one move this whole mess in ATL could be turned around. Parcells brings credibility and (football) integrity back to the city that needs it most.

2. Roger Clemens. The Rocket continues to deny even knowing what steroids are. I'm not sure if he knows how this strategy worked out for Barry Bonds, but, if not, someone might want to tell him.

3. John Salmons. The Sacramento Kings guard dropped a career-high 31 points on the Nets last night and added the assist on the game sealer (by Francisco Garcia).

4. Sean Williams. The center kicked off the Boston College team and left with only a NBA career to live off instead of having his degree, had eight blocks for the NJ Nets last night. They lost and keep losing but Williams is showing that he is the real deal once you get him on the court. Off the court....well, that's another matter.

5. Dr. Art G. Nathan. This dentist from Freeport is outside the Garden at this very minute attempting to lead some sort of "Fire Isiah' rally. I wish I was there.

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