Monday, December 3, 2007

When it Rains...

Stephon Marbury's father passed away at some point during or immediately following the Knicks loss to the Suns last night. Don was in attendance at the game and died in a nearby hospital. So far all of the details have been a bit sketchy but this is tremendously sad regardless of the specifics.

No matter what anyone wants to say about Steph's game this is comprehensibly sad. He is a ballplayer. His dad came out to see him play against one of the better team's in the league. His dad came out to see him play and he died before Steph could even see him after the game. Someone had to break the news to him in the locker room. And, of course, the post-game coverage on the radio was filled with talk about Steph being a jerk for not talking to reporters. The situation is so cancerous at MSG that everyone automatically expects the worst.

Meanwhile, Steph's aunt died not too long ago (and he skipped the funeral because it came on the heels of that WC trip) and he is routinely booed at the Garden in spite of the fact that he is actually playing better and harder than most of his teammates. Because of his bosses indiscretion it was made public knowledge that he slept with an intern, wiping away much of the public goodwill that his affordable line of sneakers may have engendered.

I hope that Steph takes some time away from the court to mourn his father and get his head together. I hope that he takes a few games off and that when he comes back he gets a warm welcome back from the Garden.

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