Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chatting up Chad

Knicks-related excerpts from today's chat with NBA-expert Chad Ford over at

Ill (san diego): do you think they will keep with the status quo or make a deal? gotta move either curry or zach and find a big with energy, hops and smarts. they have zero defensive presence in the paint and that is KILLING them.

Chad Ford: (1:34 PM ET ) I think they should try to move one of the two. Randolph has more talent but he has a bigger contract and more off the court baggage. Curry's a center and has a more palatable deal, but he doesn't rebound or play defense. Pick your poison. I'm not sure the Knicks could get a lot for either guy, but they might be able to get cap relief which could really benefit them in the summer of 2010. It's time to start looking ahead Knicks fans. Keep developing David Lee and Nate Robinson. Pick up high lottery picks the next two years and then get a major free agent in 2 years.

Bill sandiego: Didn't they trade that future pick that's unprotected in 2010????? Thomas is a master trader????

Chad Ford: (1:39 PM ET ) Yes, the Jazz will own the Knicks pick in 2010. But that still gives them two years, 2008 and 2009 to get a high pick.


Athan (san antonio): if the knicks get the #1 pick, how will isiah thomas screw it up?

Chad Ford: (1:45 PM ET ) Tyler Hansbrough with the NO. 1 pick

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