Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday's Starting Five

1) What Would Oakley Do?. Back in the starting lineup after a brief holiday vacation. I hope you're ready. And, that you noticed.

2) Eli Manning and Norv Turner. These two guys really needed their respective wins on Sunday. Really badly. Now, they're each playing with House money.

3) Lebron James and Wayne Ellington. The latter hit a three-pointer with 0.4 seconds left in OT to keep the Tarheels undefeated and atop the rankings while the former dropped 24 points on the Raptors in the fourth quarter to steal a seemingly sure W from Canada.

4) The Seattle Seahawks Defense. The previously "unflappable Todd Collins" as he was heralded by the folks at NBC was flapped by these dudes. In a Wildcard weekend without much stellar play this unit probably played better than any other.

5) David Garrard and the Josh Scobee. That 4th-and-2 play by Garrard (32 yard scamper up the middle) was just the sort of thing to make all of us spend the week talking ourselves into really believing that the Jags can beat the Pats this weekend. And, Scobee came out and calmly pegged the ball through the uprights to lock up the win on a field where so many kicks have gone astray. Doug Brien, I'm looking at you.

BENCHED: the new American Gladiators. And, while no one with an opposable thumb could likely have been expecting much from the revamped AG that premiered last night the show still managed to disappoint. Reality television has ruined this surrealist escape and made it hard to watch in real-time. Fast-forwarding through a recording still works just fine. If we're going to pretend to care about the contestants actual lives than

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