Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday's Starting Five

1. Michael Beasley. He said it would be and it was so. Future No. 1 pick Michael Beasley backed up his guarantee and led Kansas State to a HUGE win over the previously undefeated Kansas Jayhawks. He went 4-for-4 from behind the arc en route to 25 points. Shedding defenders that were coming at him in waves, the super frosh did everything. The third time that he got down on his knees during a stoppage in play and helped the staff towel off sweat from the floor is when I knew, for certain, that he is someone I would want on my team. He’s a monster and he cleans.

2. Lebron. He got a layup! That was all I could blurt out when it happened. Everyone knew that Lebron would get the ball in his hands with his club down by a point with 5.9 to go. I knew it. My roommate knew it. And, surely, all the Blazers knew it. And, in spite of that, he got a layup! Once again, LBJ has shown to be stronger and faster and more focused than anyone else. He actually outscored the entire Blazers team in the fourth quarter.

3. Baron Davis. After last year's postseason run, the Bearded One had re-entered the best point-guard debate and had grabbed a share of the spotlight along with his high-flying team. Fast-forward 7 months and a fellow named Paul, Chris Paul and his New Orleans Hornets team had stolen a lot of that thunder. Exacting some measure of revenge Davis hit the game-sealing 3 pointer as the Warriors beat the Hornets.

4. Allen Ivereson. By hitting 6 free throws in the last half minute he led the Nuggets to a come-from-behind win at Memphis.

5. Al Jefferson. He’s back in the starting five. And he's getting comfortable. The Rain Check had 26 and 20 as the Wolves beat the Bulls, convincingly.

Benched: David Beckham was notably absent from the first lineup picked by new England (which is different than New England) skipper Fabio Capello. Becks is stuck on 99 appearances and has made it known that, at the very least, he wants to hit the century mark. Complicating matters is that Capello and Beckham had a falling out when the two were paired at Real Madrid. In other words, Drama!

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