Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday's Starting Five

1. Louisiana State University. The Tigers are the BCS National Champions after wood-shedding the Buckeyes from The Ohio State University. The Vested One brought the Buckeyes out ready for this game unlike last year's NC game loss to the Gators, but the SEC champs again proved to fast and too relentless for the Big Ten champs. No surprise.

2. The New York Football Giants. It was announced that T.O. is a game-time decision for this weekend's game, pictures of Romo on vacation last week in Mexico with Yoko Simpson have surfaced all the internets and everyone loves Eli Manning. Things are certainly breaking right for the Giants at the right time while the opposite seems to be happening for the 'Boys.

3. Stephen Jackson. He scored 12 points in overtime to lead the Warriors past his old team, the defending champion Spurs. Baron Davis added 34 points while his beard handed out 14 assists as Golden State has served another West team notice that they are to be taken somewhat seriously.

4. Michael F. Adams. The President of the University of Georgia has called for an 8-team playoff system in college football, referring to the current BCS setup as a "beauty contest largely stage-managed by the [TV] networks."

5. Bill Cowher. With the announcement that Joe Gibbs is retiring it seems like the Chin's nascent broadcasting career could be over soon. The Redskins gig seems a good fit for Cowher. A strong, historic franchise with a playoff caliber team that spends money and is pretty much in the good graces of the nation after the murder of Sean Taylor.

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