Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Starting Five

1. Chris Paul. The New Orleans Hornets stung Denver last night 117-93, led by CP3's 23 points, 17 assists and 9 rebounds. The Hornets spanked the Spurs even worse over the weekend and have been holding their slim lead over Phoenix in the West thanks to 9 straight wins. This is the best team in basketball right now. And Chris Paul is the M-V-P. Hands down. Remember when coach Byron Scott was taking a point-guard led Nets team to the Finals? Do you think Jason Kidd does?

2. The Flu. With the phlegm and the used tissues and the occasional vomiting, it's not as sexy an accessory as Tom Brady's boot but it is what the Giants have brought with them to Phoenix. Apparently a few players left Green Bay under the weather and the team was a bit late in arriving in Scottsdale yesterday because Aaron Ross was sick on the team plane.

3. Kobe Bryant. Nothing will make him feel better about the woodshedding he got from Lebron in the fourth quarter on Sunday than tonight's visit from the Knicks. He scored 39 on his December visit to the Garden and has lit them up over the past few seasons.

4. Michael Beasley. The all-world frosh at Kansas State predicted a win against undefeated Kansas on Wednesday. His coach supports his confidence. Will he be back on this list on Thursday?

5. Chris Webber. He's back. And, he's back with Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors, where it all started. These two famously combusted years ago and sent the club into a tailspin from which it has just recovered. I wonder how this will go?

Benched: Koby Clemens. The Rocket's son comes out and laments how hard all this steroid stuff has been on him and his father. Oh, I'm sorry, Koby. I can imagine that it is rough to go home to your gazillion dollar estate in your tailor made Hummer that your dad bought you and think about former family friends injecting horse medicine into your father. Is all of this distracting you from the baseball career that your father had built into his own contracts? It must be tough. Good luck with all that.

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