Friday, March 14, 2008

Around the Internets

Speaking of being around the Internets, What Would Oakley Do? has been traveling around this series of tube lately. Wednesday night it was Deadspin, yesterday morning it was The Big Lead and sort of ESPN. And, it is the whole brouhaha with the Worldwide Leader that got this very site mentioned again today over at Milk Was a Bad Choice. If you haven't seen this blog it is just as good as its name sounds. Check it out.

In more blogger-navel-gazing news, Bob Costas has apparently come out against everyone like me who writes about sports for passion rather than for profit and everyone like you who recieves their information about sports from sources other than their local newspaper and the Big Costas himself. Will over at Deadspin explores Costas' hatred for the blogosphere and parries his poorly planned attack.

Speaking of smallish brown-haired men who love being in front of the camera, there is another weird Tom Cruise video out in the ether.

And, one of the first (of many) NCAA Bracket-style rundowns of something other than the NCAA tournament. Today's bracket pits the the women of 1980s against one another.

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