Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Day After The Real Opening Day of Baseball Edition

It's the time of year when the only thing appearing faster than buds on tree branches is predictions by talking heads. And Jon Stewart is no different:

And, while Mr. Stewart may be a tad bit too optimistic about the upcoming Mets season, there are many, many reasons why distinguishing and classy ladies around the country are looking forward to some baseball. Well, aside from the dreaminess of David Wright and Jose Reyes.

Switching from dreamy to nightmarish, the Chicago Cubs are going on 100 years without managing to win a World Series. They've got a curse and everything too. Though livestock related curses are generally less popular than those involving Hall of Famers.

A much more visually stimulating view at some (recent) baseball history (if you count construction sites) can be found at the website of the company that built brand-spanking new Nationals Park. They've got an awesome time-lapse view of the entire building process and a calendar so that you can see snapshots from every single day since the construction process started. And, the calendar goes up through today meaning you can check out stadium shots from the home opener on Sunday night. The 8:10 PM shot shows the teams lined up for the national anthem. I couldn't find a picture of George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch, but I suspect it has been sequestered for the sake of national security. Heaven help us if Al Queda knew what his fastball grip looked like.

It was in this very stadium on Sunday night that we were all treated to the first of many forced intersections between baseball and politics that will take place this election year. Our lame-duck Prez took the field to toss out an Opening Pitch he was treated to a hearty, loving round of boos by the crowd.
Perhaps most upsetting as a citizen was W's acute case of idiocy on display when he visited the broadcast booth later in the game.

And, lastly there was a really weird and entertaining interview/article detailing what on earth Lenny Dykstra has been up to lately in a fancy magazine to which fancy people often subscribe to yet rarely read. And, no. I don't mean Hustler, which they do, in fact, read.

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