Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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The Mets Are Incompetent and A Laughing Stock Edition

Let's begin this roundup with William Rhoden's terrific story from today's Tmes about how the bungling of the Randolph firing is just the latest sign of the front office's debilitating indecisiveness.

From there, please head on over to check out SI baseball scribe Jon Heyman's short reaction to the fiasco succinctly entitled The Wrong Thing To Do.

If Heyman's brief Q&A doesn't sate your appetite for analysis then surely ESPN columnist and commentator Buster Olney's exploration of the circus that masquerades as a pro-level ballclub will do the trick.

No? Ok, well than Mike Vacaro's indictment of the Mets act of cowardice in the Post and Metsblog's inescapable feeling of dirtiness ought to do provide an accurate understanding of the way the baseball world has reacted to what happened in the wee hours of the morning.

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