Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Alive: Knicks vs. Heat

Thoughts on the 4th Quarter

Score: 91-75

-Collins on Wade to start the fourth. He brushes by the Temple product but loses the ball in the paint.

-Crawford-to-Chandler-Lee and David gets the free throw line for two. Without an established PG (like Marbury) these guys seem to have all taken it upon themselves to be conscientious about moving the ball.

-Wade goes right back at Collins and gets the ball all the way this time, scoring two. Crawford and Lee come to Wade to stop the ball next time down the floor before turning him back over to Collins.

-"We Want Steph" continues.


-Wade is trying to take this game over but it's just not working.

-Every non-point-guard on the floor for the Knicks is a threat to score at any point right now. And, with Nate taking over at the point with a shade under 9 to go, every player is a threat to score. And, not in the way that last year every player wanted to score but didn't.

-Lee's 5th assist sets up a slicing Wilson Chandler for a dunk. He's 8 of 14 with 17 points.


-Gus just dropped the stat that dropped my jaw. The Knicks have 26 assists with over 7 minutes to play. And, Lee has six of them.

-Lee just got consecutive offensive boards before laying the ball in, causing Gus to blurt out "Moses Malone" without providing any further explanation.

-Even on a bad night Wade just scored his 22nd and 23rd points on a jumper.

-There we go. We just got a good ol' fashioned Knicks possession where Crawford dribbled most of the clock down. Two passes later Randolph was taking a contested three as the shot clock was about to expire. Been there. Done that. Then we departed from the 2007-2008 script as a livid D'Antoni called a timeout. You see, he's a coach. This is what coaches are supposed to do.

-Well-founded anger on the coach's part, though, doesn't alter the fact that the Heat are coming back. It's happening.


-Interestingly, D'Antoni's stop the bleeding substitution is Wilson Chandler for David Lee. When in doubt, add more scorers.

-Wade wants to go coast to coast every time he touches the ball. He misses (again) but Marion gets the putback. The Heat are coming back. It's still happening.


-As Walt notes that Big Men are "vanishing from the NBA," Gus reveals that Curry isn't even on the bench at this point. Apparently, he's back in the locker room icing his knee.

-Daquan Cook hits a big bucket. The Heat are coming back. Oh, wait. They're here.


-Crawford cans a HUGE three. As silly as it sounds that is arguably the biggest shot he's hit as a Knick.


-As the Knicks play with the franticness of team unaccustomed to defending a lead, Wade fouls Crawford behind the arc and is done for the night with six fouls. Crawford hits just 1 of 3 as the game is just on the long side of one minute to play.


-Nate hits drops a floater through from the lane. Hopefully to ice this.


-Or not.


-As D'Antoni paces the sideline, hand on hip and shaking his head in frustration the camera catches a great shot of Herb Williams nodding knowingly with a wry smile on his face.

-Another Daquan Cook three-pointer. Ugh. My beer tastes like Lunesta.


-Crawford hits two free throws with about 12 ticks to go.

FINAL SCORE: 120-115

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