Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Around the Internets in Eight Minutes

...There are two great parts about the Jeter-is-the-worst-shortstop story that came out this week. Or, at least two great parts for non-Yankee partisans. For Yankees fans there are just two parts to the story. The first is the revelation that, statistically, Mr. Gatorade is the worst defensive shortstop in the game. The second is the hilarious, soft-minded rebuttal of the numbers by homers, like those at the Post.

...Nets fans, please step up and meet Devin Harris. He's your new point guard.

...I couldn't help but thinking about Craig Hodges while watching the 3-point shootout this weekend. What ever happened to that guy? How come he never made more of an impression on the league? He could shoot the lights out and had to be as adept at the rest of the game as a guy like Kapono. Was he given the shaft by Stern and the Association because of his religious and political beliefs?

Tuesday's Starting Five

Belated NBA All-Star Game Edition

1. Brandon Roy. Making his first ASG appearance Roy played 29 minutes, more than everyone but LBJ and Superman. He shot 80% from the field, scoring 18 points. Roy was on the floor all through the fourth quarter as the West got back into the game as others shuffled in and out. He actually made the layup that put the West ahead for the first time. Quite impressive for someone who was playing in the Sophs/Rooks game earlier in the weekend. He also won me a few bucks by outscoring Rip Hamilton, thank you very much.

2. Ray Allen. He stemmed the tide as the West rallied back behind Roy and Paul. Knocking down three straight 3's late, this thespian was probably the real MVP for the East in the game. This guy can shoot.

3. Chris Paul. Notching 14 assists in his first ASG he looks poised for an Isiah Thomas like run of ASG point-play. That sucks for Deron Williams. But not for the fans at home.

4. Big Men Shooting Three-Pointers. Yao took Shaq's role of intermittent on-court comic relief by tossing up a couple of three-point attempts. They missed. Rasheed Walllace, not a stranger to the deep shot, added his own twist by shooting a few left-handed. And, he hit one. Probably just as impressive as anything that happened in the dunk contest. If you think about it.

5. Lebron James. His halftime line (12 points, 7 assists and 7 boards) probably earned him the MVP award. With Kidd heading westward for the gold in them thar hills, I hope that LBJ is allowed to run the point for the East in next year's ASG. He showcased his passing on Sunday night and seemed to naturally fill that role. Being more comfortable ally-ing than oop-ing. Well, except at crunch-time when he posterized Dirk and most everyone else on the floor for the West.

6th Men. All-Star Pistons. East coach Doc Rivers tried to play Chauncey, Rasheed and Rip together throughout the game. These guys brought something unexpected to the game while on the floor: defense.

Benched. Kobe Bryant. The NBA insisted that he had to start the game in spite of an injury. He started and then left the game after 3 minutes.