Friday, February 22, 2008

No News is Good News. Seriously.

The Knicks Don't Make A Deal At Trading Deadline.

The NBA trading deadline passed yesterday afternoon with little fanfare, at least in New York. The Cavs were part of a 3-team 11-player deal in which they replaced their risk/reward players with someone else's risk/reward players. Bonzi Wells is on the move and Bobby Jackson is back with Rick Adelman. And the Sonics now own every first-round draft pick for the next three years. Or, something like that.

Meanwhile, all was quite on the Seventh Avenue. Eddy Curry is still a Knick. Zach Randolph is still a Knick. Everyone responsible for this season is still on the roster. And, I'm glad.

I'm so very glad that Isiah didn't make a trade yesterday. And, no, I don't I think that this team, with this coach, is going to turn it around. I'm glad because the problems haven't been made any worse. We haven't added Vince Carter to the mix. We haven't taken on four-bad contract in exchange for Eddy Curry's single bad contract.

Seeing so many other teams acquire top flight players for virtually nothing but expiring contracts and spare parts one can forget how this team actually makes transactions. Isiah wasn't going to make a Gasol-like deal yesterday. And, if he did he wasn't going to playing the role of the Lakers. No way in hell. He doesn't have it in him and he doesn't have the tools on the roster. Well, he's got tools on the roster, but not the right kind. Anyway, anyone lamenting the Knicks inaction yesterday needs to remember that any trade would have been orchestrated by Zeke. It, necessarily, would have been a disaster. Every precedent is bad. There is no reason given to date to think that any move would have been anything other than another debacle.

So, I'm glad that there was no late-breaking Knicks news. That means that we still have our draft pick. We still have the same problems. But we don't have any new ones. We didn't get three-card monte'd into taking anyone else's problems. We don't have Vince Carter.