Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend At Jimmy's

What Jim Dolan's Knicks Did This Weekend While You Were Drinking in Hoboken, NJ.

Friday: Knicks choke on Hawks, 99-93. And, reports are that it tasted like choking on chicken. Though a six-point loss on the road almost seems like a positive this season this one was tough to take. It was another squandered chance in a game that could have been meaningful. It was yet another contest where the Knicks were in control right up until it mattered. Mike Bibby ran the offense for the Hawks one-possession-at-a-time when all that mattered was that one possession. Meanwhile the Knicks showed themselves incapable of playing with poise or purpose 24-seconds at a time.

Saturday: Magic defeat Knicks, 118-92. Dwight "Superman" Howard took our interior players to the wood-shed and treated them like Zod, Ursa and Non in Superman II.
Howard had such an easy time against Curry and co. that he was wistfully remembering the days when some guy named Randolph Morris used to give him a good game back in high school. Randolph Morris? Why does that name sound so familiar...

Lupicas, Thomsens & Bermans: Oh My!

What the Pros Are Writing About the Knicks Today

And, we' got another one! Chris Broussard of ESPN the Magazine has finally realized that the time has come for Isiah to be removed. Like me, Broussard was not in a rush to call for a man's job. I thought the final straw was the blowout loss to Philly. Broussard, apparently, needed a few more days to come around.

As we all head off to our offices and other places of menial employment this Monday morning please be assured tha Isiah isn't working the Knicks too hard. They were given another day off yesterday. Yeah, I'm sure that they couldn't benefit from a bit of practice before the Hornets roll into town tonight.

Frank Isola, Knicks scribe for the News laments the wasted talent of Randolph Morris, who is glued to the bench in spite of a much ballyhooed signing out of Kentucky.

Allan Houston tells Marc Berman of the Post that he thinks Steph might be better off elsewhere next season.

And, my new favorite-est paper Newsday is touting Patrick Ewing to be the next Knicks coach.

Lastly, Martin Johnson at the Sun thinks it is about time for Crawford's shoulder to start acting up so that the team can make a serious run at the #1 draft pick.

Monday's Starting Five

1. Kobe Bryant. That first forty minutes of the game against the Mavs? Eh. He scored 22 unremarkable points and was bizarrely off from the free-throw line. That last 20 minutes? He was out-of-this-world good and scored 30 points in the 4th quarter and OT. Topping 50 points for the 22nd time on the NBA hardwood, Bryant showed how dominant he can be. There was no way he was going to let Dirk and the Mavs beat him. There was also no way he was going to let anyone else on his team get a shot off.

2. Lebron James. If Kobe is a coiled snake or a sleek, sly bloodthirsty lone wolf then Lebron is a hungry grizzly bear who's been told that there's a picnic basket sitting atop the rim. He is so much bigger and stronger than everyone he seems to matched up against. And, he showed it down the stretch against the Bulls yesterday, flying to the rim he was a cross between a classically-trained Austrian ballet dancer and an American-built freight train. Had 37 all told and 6 in a back-breaking stretch as time wound down.

3. Erick Dampier. Along with Jerome James, the other member of Twin Towers of the NBA All-Contract Year Team had a big game yesterday against the Lakers. Seemingly the greatest beneficiary of Kidd's presence, he scored 16 points, pulled down 17 rebounds and added a serious foul on Kobe rather than let him get to the rim. And, really, that foul is the reason he made the Five today.

4. Dirk Nowitzki. You thought that he was soft. You thought that he was wilting before the fire that Kobe was breathing all over the court at the Staples Center. Or, at least I did. Right up until he icily drained that straightaway three-pointer to send the game to overtime. He wanted the shot, he got the shot and he hit the shot. And, who passed him the ball? Jason Kidd.

5. The Calendar. Fresh off of the attention-grabbing Leap Year Day we find ourselves full-tilt into March. This month we've got March Madness, the first crop of baseball highlights and St. Patrick's Day. Well played, March.