Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please Call Back Later

With the season being over and things getting a little out of hand (i.e. the proverbial gorilla mask glued to the face) over at What Would Oakley Do? Headquarters, I'm going to go ahead and ask you all to call back next week. How about Wednesday? Cool? Great.

When WWOD? returns on Wednesday, May 21st after Memorial Day Weekend, we'll be back in full force rather than this half-assery that I've been perpatrating since the Knicks hung up their high-tops for the summer.

Upcoming Features:
Better Know Your New Coach: The Official WWOD? Mike D'Antoni Primer
Knee Jerks: How Stockholm Syndrome and Know-It-All-Ness Led Lawrence and Isola to Pan the D'Antoni-Signing
Better Know A Draft Pick: WWOD? Weekly Look At a Player From the Draft*
*with surprise guests

(...And keep an eye out for that total site redesign that is around the corner too)