Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Where All The White Women Pants At?"

Yup, that is a shirtless Charles Oakley. He's just hanging out with a bunch of seemingly college-aged folks at a bar in Vegas. Getting his drink on. And, using his pectoral mucles to make people nervous. Just like old times.

I like that he wore the hat, pulled down - signifying that he is trying to keep this night low-key - but that after a few cocktails he felt it best to take off his shirt. And just put the vibe out.

This image and a few others turned up on Deadspin last week.

I can't help but wonder who Oak is smiling at in this picture and what sort of emotions are going through the alcohol-addled brain of that person. Fear? Lust? Do most people clubbing in Vegas and just done with Final Exams even know who Charles Oakley is? Is he scarier if you recognize him or if you don't?

Around the Internets

Baron Davis is The Man Edition

The Bearded One spent a day with Golden State Warriors blog Fear the Beard traveling around the Bay Area doing good deeds. He bought some subway tickets (or BART tickets as they call their mass transit system out there), some subway sandwiches and hugged people.

I sort of a feel like if I were ever to track down Charles Oakley that our day in around New York City would be the exact opposite of this day. It would less about buying jamba juice for strangers and more about elbowing people in their noses and rifling through their pockets while they're down.