Friday, July 25, 2008

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Deluxe Nobody-Wants-To-Work-'cause-It's-Friday Edition

Well, the Metropolitans took two-of-three from the Phillies this week and took sole possession of first place. Needless to say, the Fightins are not pleased. Of course, they are not going to look within their clubhouse for answers to why their 7.5 game division lead evaporated in such short order. They're not really going to take a hard look at why their shortstop and 2007 NL MVP was late for the last game of the set. Nope. Instead, they're going to focus their attention on what they (and as you'll hear their team's announcer) thought was the Mets shortstop's overzealous excitement after hitting what proved to be a game-winning home run against a rival club. Yeah, that's totally not something to be psyched about. I'm sure Ryan Howard would have just gently laid his bat down and jogged with his head down around the bases. Totally.

And, while the Mets may be hot, they still don't have anything on their former top prospect who according to this commercial can really do anything. Except maybe act. Kazmir looks like he could use some help from a certain Professor Reyes.

Who would've thunk it? Apparently, ESPN has finally exhausted its Brett Favre scenario generator. Oh, wait. I was wrong. He might be headed to the Mets to play left field.

The WWOD? Awesomest Play of the Week:

Even though some of us are working feverishly to solidify our Fantasy Baseball rosters for the stretch run, the Fantasy Football pre-season as already begun. And, yes fantasy sports have pre-seasons. Here is your guide to naming your Fantasy Football squad.

And, now for something completely different.