Saturday, October 18, 2008

TBS = Thwarting Baseball Supporters

Or, Is it Just That They Love Dick Clark and The Steve Harvey Show?

What a great night for sports. You got Texas and Missouri playing over on ABC. You got Boston College and Va.Tech on ESPN2. And you got The Steve Harvey Show on TBS. Uh whaaaa?

For some reason, Game 6 of the ALCS between Tampa and Boston is nowhere to be found. There was an old episode of Bloopers featuring Dick Clark and some co-host which then gave way to that Harvey show. Which I had forgotten even existed.

Steve Harvey just made a joke about going to an "oxygen bar." Up next, he's going to make a topical crack about the age the Republican candidate for President, Bob Dole has no mention of what's going on. Neither does Same for Very Funny.

UPDATE: The game finally replaced the comedic talents of Mr. Harvey. You have to think that Frank Caliendo was pretty pissed off that they weren't airing his show during whatever technical difficulties were going on down in Atlanta.

"Practice? We're Going to Practice?"

Knicks Hold Open Practice

If you ever wondered what Jerome James does while the rest of the Knicks pracice then you're in luck. Sunday morning the Knicks hold their annual open practice at Pace University up in Westchester. I think I'll be making the trip up to Pleasantville tomorrow morning to see these guys stage a fake practice for my benefit. It might be the hardest I've seen them work in a few years.

Cliff Floyd is the Man

Floyd as quoted in today's New York Times:

“We don’t go up there and think, Now we’ve got to beat Beckett — no one cares about Beckett,” the Rays’ Cliff Floyd said. “Face him the same way you face everybody else. If anything, Beckett should be worried about us. We just beat him.”