Thursday, October 30, 2008

Garden Variety

A Roundup of Today's Knicks-related coverage

-Over at the NYT, Howard Beck Howard Beck recaps, with a focus on Marbury's lack of playing time. He warns that “benching Marbury — who played well in the preseason — was an unexpected, bold and potentially disruptive move" and then goes on to take his own jab at Steph, noting that rapper Q-Tip (formerly of A Tribe Called Quest) got my court time than the Coney Island native. And, it's true Tip regaled the crowd with an updated version of "Go NY Go" before the opening tip off.

-Also at The Old Gray Lady, Harvey Araton weighs in on the Marbury bench warming.

-Meanwhile, at the News, Frank Isola leads his game story with Marbury in the headline and the opening paragraph. Coincidentally, he also makes the same "Q-Tip getting more time" joke that Beck made. I guess we know what the reporters were talking about after the game. Apparently, though, the Q-Tip jab wasn't enough, since Isola ends the story noting (after listing the point totals by the rest of the club) that Marbury was held scoreless. Seems a tad unnecessary. Isola's colleague Mitch Lawrence manages to offer up a more staid account of the game, sans Q-Tip joke or heavy focus on Marbury.

-In light of Marbury's DNP-CD, Marc Berman at the Post writes that "the decision to bring him to training camp now seems cruel." He goes on to say that playing Mardy Collins ahead of him at the point was an insult to Steph. And, while I'd like to stick to Gus Johnson's phrasing of "sending a message," I do agree with Berman. In a separately filed story for the Post, Berman tracks Gallinari's debut, sharing this pre-game quote from the Italian Stallion to his head coach.
Gallinari: If you want to win, I'll play"


Knicks Win Season-Opener at Garden

The Knicks are undefeated. The Knicks are tied for first place. The Knicks are the highest scoring team in the NBA. Jamal Crawford is the fourth highest scoring player in the NBA.

All of those things are true.
Right now.