Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our World In Pictures

The now defunct but once glorious and omnipresent LIFE magazine has opened up their photo archives. You can search them through Google. And you should. But you probably won't so I rounded up some of the choicest images from New York sports teams.

Gehrig and DiMaggio watching batting practice in 1939

Casey Stengel during the 1958 World Series

Roger Maris during the 1960 All-Star Game

Roger Maris smoking a cigarette in the clubhouse during the 1960 All-Star Game

Mickey Mantle stretches during Spring Training in 1967

Mickey Mantle takes batting practice during Spring Training in 1967

Giants pitcher Carl Hubbell throwing a curve ball in 1940

Meeting on mound at Polo Grounds in 1952

Willie Mays (left) with teammates on bus in 1954

Mays ducking inside pitch against the Dodgers in 1954

Mays shaving before game of 1954 World Series in Cleveland

Giants pitchers in bullpen at Polo Grounds during September 1956 game against Dodgers

Dolph Camilli, Manager Leo Durocher and Lyn Larry sitting in Ebbets Field dugout during game in 1939

Dodgers manager's wife Nellie Durocher smoking a cigarette in stands at Ebbets Field

Dodgers Manager Charlie Dressen talking with Iraq's King Feisal II and Jackie Robinson

Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey in 1949

Gil Hodges in 1951

Dodgers property manager John Griffin in 1955

Jackie Robinson rounding third during Game 3 of 1955 World Series

Jackie Robinson stealing second base against Giants in September 1956

Marion Mets (Minor League) roadtrip n 1967

2B Ken Boswell makes a play against the Atlanta Braves in 1969

Tom Seaver pitches to Willie Stargell in 1969

Tom Seaver in 1969

Bud Harrelson in dugout during game against Cardinals


Joe Namath on sideline in 1968

"Broadway Joe's" opened in Miami in 1969

Namath and Farrah Fawcett wearing towels in 1981


Giants versus Steelers in November 1960

Lincoln Crow catching ball versus Giants

Giants versus Cardinals in November 1960

NY Giants Jim Patton, Y.A. Tittle, Del Shofner and Roosevelt Brown in 1962

Knicks @ Cincinnati Royals in 1959

Bill Bradley in 1968

William Baldwin with Knicks City Dancers in 1993

Thursday's Starting Five

1. Allen Iverson. After depressingly dropping his debut against the Nets in the Swamp, AI and the Pistons have won four out of five games, including last night's win over the Lebronaliers. The Pistons trailed Cleveland, 68-66, heading into the final quarter but took charge on the game with a vintage Iversonian run. With a shade over nine minutes to play, the Pistons called timeout. They trailed by two points at the time. Coming out of the huddle Iverson and Rasheed Wallace led Motown on a 13-4 run that effectively moved the game into the win column. Iverson scored seven of those points and assisted on the first of Wallace's two 3-pointers during the run. By the time Iverson hit the +1 free throw after being fouled while making a layup, the Pistons had turned a two-point hole into an eight-point lead. They would win the game by that same margin.

2. C.J. Miles. Drafted right out of high school in 2005, Miles was the youngest player ever to take the floor for the Jazz, leading longtime coach Jerry Sloan to remark "I don't care if he's 19 or 30. If he's going to be on the floor in the NBA, he's got to be able to step up and get after it. We can't put diapers on him one night, and a jockstrap the next night. It's just the way it is." Miles, only four months and three days old when Appetite For Destruction was released, must have had Sloan put his jockstrap on last night. He scored a season-high 25, including eight points in the fourth, as the Deron Williams-less Jazz came from (slightly) behind to put away the Milwaukee Bucks.

3. Ball State. Each year college football fans rend our garments over the latest debacle that the Bowl Championship Series has given unnatural birth to. This problem garners more national attention than the auto industry bailout and has even been commented upon by President-Elect Barack Obama. So, as Thanksgiving draws near there are two questions on everyone's minds. First, how can I actually afford to buy anyone presents? Second, what team will be screwed over by the BCS this year. While I have no clue how to answer the first question, I will posit a guess at the second: Ball State. The Cardinals ran their record to 11-0 last night by beating the Central Michigan Chippewas. Ball State has just one game remaining on its regular season schedule. They're home to the 9-2 Western Michigan Broncos next week. If they win then they will likely be an undefeated team barred from the National Championship Game. That situation really grinds my gears. Like a lot. I don't doubt that Texas Tech would score 1,099 points on Ball, but it seems a mockery of most college football games when the reality is that most schools can't even sniff a national championship even if they run the table. For me there is no greater argument than that. Ball State's (potentially) perfect season should gain them entrance to an eight-team playoff for the national crown. It's that simple. Then they can lose to Florida in the first round and we can all move on.

4. Maradona. He is many things. The best that ever was. Petulant second best. Muscled electricity. Stoned obesity. And, now Diego Maradona is an undefeated coach of the Argentine national team. The man whose face adorned a poorly produced tapestry in my brother's college dorm helmed Argentina to a 1-0 win over Scotland yesterday. He mostly stayed seated on the bench but for a man whose managerial acumen is dubious at best that may have been a wise move as his players are excellent to quite excellent. Meaning several of them were once hailed as "the next Maradona." At the very least it should be an interesting ride.

5. Greg Oden. Hailed by many as "the next Sam Bowie," the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft has had a good week. For starters, he wasn't injured. Which puts this week ahead of almost every other since he was drafted by the Portland Trailblazers. He came off the Portland bench in last night's nationally televised game against the Bulls with 4:28 to play in the first quarter.With 4:09 left to play in the first quarter he dunked the ball. He played a total of 17 minutes and filled up the stat sheet. He scored 11 points (including 5 of 6 from the free throw line), grabbed 10 rebounds (including five at the offensive end) and blocked three shots. This was Oden's third double-double in his last four games. The marquee performance coming in a tight loss to Golden State when he was good for 22 and 10.